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Studyhood provides professional Translation services for over 140 languages including English, Greek, French, Spanish, Russian, German, Arabic, Dutch, Italian, and many more. To ensure the highest quality of a translation, we follow strict quality checks and standards. Additionally, we offer Writing services including writing of books and business material as well as academic papers and other compositions. Besides, we provide Editing and Proofreading of academic, business and personal documents. Finally, but not least, we offer Homework Help for your college and university studies. Use our Web site to submit your work and rely on our skillful personnel for complete and accurate results.
Web site translation services, English Greek French Spanish GermanTranslation services
Through our world network of over 500 specialist translators, we are rightly suited to meet your highest requirements. Whether it be legal, engineering, medical or any other technical subject, the translation must be just right. We use translators with a proven background relevant to the required field, who translate to their native language. We translate documents: for commercial purposes, business communication, manuals, brochures, handbooks, user guides, student's work, financial reports, annual reports, research papers, advertising material, etc.; Web sites: our Web site translators can work on content localization, translation of page titles and description, and more; and we also provide certified translations (of certificates, degrees, etc.) for official use ...
editing and proofreading servicesEditing / Proofreading
Editing addresses written language elements such as spelling and punctuation; grammar, syntax and usage; checking typos, endnotes, footnotes, tables, figures; rewriting of wordy and convoluted paragraphs, revising of content, etc. Our highly educated editors provide superior editing, proofing and critiques for academic (theses, dissertations, essays, university applications, etc.), personal (resumes, letters, etc.) and business (plans, newsletters, advertising, etc.) documents as well as books and articles. We provide editing for documents in Greek, English, French, Spanish, Catalan, German and Russian. You may choose one of the three levels of editing we offer, light, regular or heavy, according to your specific needs ...
book essay business writing servicesWriting
Our writing service includes writing of books, business articles and material, support for writing academic articles and papers, as well as other compositions.
Count on our skilled ghostwriters to help you create the book that you want.; count on our business writers to help your business reach customers on a personal level and show them how you are the solution to their problems; and count on our academic writers to receive assistance for writing better. Every composition we produce is plagiarism-free and wholly original ...
university homework helpHomework help
Our tutors offer expert academic help to assist students around the world across many fields of study, such as Education, Psychology, Computer Science, Maths, Accounting, Physics, Management, Business, Law, Literature, Economics, Marketing, Statistics, etc. Our service allows our clients to search our tutors' database, select the appropriate tutor (s) and post their problems, from simple questions to complicated theories, from college essays to dissertations and theses, in any field ...

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