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How can I be sure you will do a good job?

Our translators, editors, writers and tutors are experienced, committed professionals with academic qualifications who have met our stringent criteria for the services we offer. We assign each job to the most appropriate person each time. A rigorous control is applied to ensure timeliness, quality and service.

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Can you assure me that you will not edit, prooferead or translate my document beyond what is necessary or desired?

A consistent priority is that your writing style and personality is always retained. Our experienced translators, editors, writers and tutors are particularly sensitive to the need for special attention to be paid to setting an even style and tone that enhances but does not change your individual written expression.

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How will I know that you have received my order?

We will send you an email to confirm receipt of your order.

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How will I know when you have started work on my order?

We start work on your order immediately after you submit order and payment.


How long does it take for you to complete my work?

The turn-around time of a work depends on different factors such as the number of words and the level of the required work. Documents of between 1-3,000 words are typically edited, proofread, composed or translated and returned within 72 hours. Dealing with homework depends on the number and level of exercises. Of course the longer the time you select for work completion the lower is the cost.

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For editing only - How will I know what you have changed in my document?

Your editor will provide two versions of your edited document. The first version shows the changes that have been made to your work. The second version is the 'clean' revised copy that incorporates those changes.

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How do I make a payment?

Our payment services are powered by PayPal, a facility which provides fast, flexible, highly secure online credit card payment system. When you click on the 'checkout' button you are directed to the secure PayPal payment page. You can then make your payment conveniently and securely by using one of the major credit cards that are supported by PayPal online. An alternative option is to make a payment via bank transfer.

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How much do your services cost?

Prices vary according to different factors such as the requested type of service, the document length and the completion time.
For a translation quote, click here.
For a writing quote, click here.
For an editing quote, click here.
For a homework quote, find a tutor and discuss your requirements.

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The document I want to submit is highly confidential. How can I be sure that Studyhood will respect that confidentiality?

Customer documents are received and returned in the context of a purpose designed, secure file transfer system which alleviates concerns about unreliable and insecure attachment methods. We take intellectual copyright, classified material and other forms of confidential documents very seriously.

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What is Studyhood's policy on privacy over the Internet?

We take the issue of Internet privacy very seriously here. All contact information is stored securely in our databases and is not shown or sold to outside parties. Additionally, contact information is not made visible within the community except to the administrators of the system. Our associates and employees are not able to view the email addresses of customers or other associates and employees, and the public is not able to view the contact information of our asociates and employees. Please view our privacy policy to which we strictly adhere.


Why does the system only allow for certain attachments?

By permitting the most popular software types to be transferred, we can ensure that posted problems are viewable by most, if not all, of our associates and employees.

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