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In this era of globalization, more and more businesses and individuals would like to describe and provide their services and products around the world, in difsferent languages. Our Web site translators can work on content localization, translation of page titles and description, search engine keywords.

Our approach
You may choose one of the following two approaches:
The content to be translated can either be sent to us with all encoding or markup languages removed (.txt, .doc, .rtf, .pdf), or we can proceed directly with the translation of the sources files (.asp, .htm(l), .php, .xml, java and many more). In the latter case, we will download your site, perform a word count and send you the details so that you can accept the word count or delete unnecessary files. The cost of the first option is equal to document translation, while the cost of the second option, where we download your pages, is calculated by multiplying the normal cost by 1.5.

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