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Grant management steps

erasmus plus applicationBefore-applying tasks:

         organization development plan, identification of needs and goals to be achieved through participation in the EU program applying for.

         selection of the most appropriate sector and action of program, creating the European Development Plan.

         if needed, registration of the organisation in the EU_LOGIN and URF system in order to obtain the PIC number (Personal Identification Code).*

         finding the partner institutions and preparing the internship programs.


writing the erasmus plus proposalPreparing the proposal includes:

  • Obtaining the necessary information and documentation from the partners and other sources, on time.
  • Composing the different parts of the application form with information about the management, the organization, the budget of the project, etc.
  • Finalizing the application package and submitting it before the deadline.

erasmus plus program implementationProgram implementation

Once our application is successful, we:

         Provide organizational support for the different aspects of the program, the trip and the internship.

         Ensure that all partners involved in the project follow the administrative, organizational and financial rules and aspects of the program, following closely the project’s time framework and deliverables’ schedule.

         Preparation of documentation during and after the mobility flows.

grant writing servicesServices provided by Studyhood:

         preparation of the application

         purchase of airline tickets and insurance

         transportation from/to the airport


         organizing preparatory lessons

         trips with coordinators

         organizing a local evening with traditional regional dishes

         continuous assistance

         and more

  E-mail us for more information.
- Successful funding applications under Erasmus+ Key Action 1.
- Mobility projects for students and teachers in the fields of (i) Vocational education and training (ii) School education
- Collaboration between schools and accredited organizations and businesses within EU countries.
- Preparation of required documentation before, during and after each flow.
- Continuous support from a project coordinator through the entire project.
- Selection of the enterprise/partner institution corresponding to the professional profile of the program participants.



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