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About Us


Studyhood was established in 2005 and has been providing language and grant writing and management services to organizations and individuals. Studyhood employs and collaborates with stringently selected industry-expert linguists and translators, grant writers and program coordinators, and quality managers.

Our company offers three services at any time, globally:

1. The 'Translations' service including translations of documents, web sites and certified documents, from and to various languages.

2. The 'Editing and Proofreading' service offers customers the chance to submit their documents to be reviewed and edited for language elements such as spelling and punctuation; grammar, syntax and usage; checking endnotes, footnotes, tables, figures; rewriting of wordy and convoluted paragraphs, revising of content, etc.

3. The 'Grant writing and management' service which involves writing proposals for EU funding under the Erasmus+ program, handling the submission of the relevant applications and administering the implementation of granted projects.


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