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About Us


Studyhood commenced its activities in the market in April, 2005. The name 'Studyhood' was given to the company as a result of our endeavour to transfer to our clients the philosophy and mission of our company: Studyhood is an organisation of professionals from different parts of the world, with high academic qualifications, who indend to support business people, companies and students with their businesses or studies.

Our company offers four services at any time, globally:

1. The 'Translations' service including translations of documents, web sites and certified documents, from and to various languages.

2. The 'Editing and Proofreading' service offers customers the chance to submit their documents to be reviewed and edited for language elements such as spelling and punctuation; grammar, syntax and usage; checking endnotes, footnotes, tables, figures; rewriting of wordy and convoluted paragraphs, revising of content, etc.

3. The 'Writing' service, where we write books, advertising material, essays and summaries, and we type documents, in various languages. Every composition we write is original and plagiarism-free, adapted specifically to your needs by experienced professional writers. Our typing services involve typing from text documents and digital audio files.

4. The 'Homework Help' service is where students can submit their work assigned by their teacher, school or other educational institution, and our tutors will offer their academic assistance.


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