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story writingStory Writing

Do you have a great idea and want to write a story? Then you have just taken the first step towards success. Count on our skilled authors to help you create the story that you want.
The writing process starts by receiving from you relevant information about your idea including target audience and market, size of story, etc. Then we go through our pool of authors and allocate the most suited ones for your story project. You are then introduced to the chosen authors and you chose the one you think suits most to your needs.

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business writingBusiness Writing

Our writers are dedicated to helping your business reach customers on a personal level and show them how you are the solution to their problems. We can provide professional writing for a variety of documents including letters, newsletters, legal documents, advertising material, web site content, press releases, business plans and proposal, resumes, and more.
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academic writingAcademic Writing

We aim to assist students with their academic writing. Students may consult our academic writers about problems such as getting a paper started, editing a paper, writing with more confidence and vigor, and managing time and organisation. Students will receive assistance to find new ways to write better. E-mail us for a free quote in academic writing.

academic writingTyping

Our expert typists will type your handwritten version, a typescript or audio tapes/ digital audio files. E-mail us for a free typing quote.

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Quality Guarantee
- Our writers are academically and industrially qualified in the area of their expertise. Most of them have a PhD.
- Every composition we produce is plagiarism-free and wholly original. We also use plagiarism detection software to ensure the authenticity of our texts.
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